Inspired by Passion. Created by Hairdressers.

Programs Of Passion

Matrix Programs of Passion is an exciting new series of classes where our Artistic Directors and Level 4 Educators have the opportunity to develop and share their own programs based on their true passion. Don't miss out on this unique learning experience from the most inspirational educators in the industry. These classes are taught at our New Matrix Regional Academies
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  • ChrystoferBenson

    "A NEW PERSPECTIVE" with Chrystofer Benson

    Want to know more about the concepts and techniques from award-winning hair collections? Come experience a class with Pivothead glass technology and a new perspective of creativity and techniques. Chrystofer shares his insights, successes, and how it translates into being more progressive behind the chair, which can help increase your overall revenue. Take a journey into these creative concepts and add your individuality to watch them succeed for you!.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Techniques in haircutting, hair coloring, and styling
    • How creative inspirations are sourced and developed
    • Building blocks, concepts, and techniques of award-winning collections
    • Seeing a new and different perspective with the Pivothead glass technology
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Oct 24, 2016 @ Posh22 Salon & Spa  Coon Rapids, MN
  • CoriRandall

    "COLOR SAVVY" with Cori Randall

    Gain a full understanding of personalized color formulations and precise application skills. Learn to apply these skills to create signature looks inspired by the fashion trends of the season. Create a brand for yourself and your business and discover how to take your color career to the next level both creatively and financially.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Develop personalized color formulation and creative signature techniques.
    • Learn how to find inspiration through the latest fashion trends.
    • Brand yourself and your color business.
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Nov 7, 2016 @ Andreas Hogue Salon  Northbrook, IL
  • DanCsicsai

    "MORE THAN BALAYAGE" with Dan Csicsai

    Want to know how to master the blonding technique that is sweeping the nation?
    Come learn how to achieve depth and dimension with easy, time-saving techniques
    without using foils! Learn why and when to choose Balayage along with many other blonding secrets from choosing the right product to color placement. Then promote yourself as a Balayage trained colorist!

    Things you'll learn:
    • Why Balayage
    • When to use Balayage
    • 3 Balayage techniques to build your creativity
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Apr 25, 2016 @ Joseph Cozza Salon   San Francisco, CA
    • Sun Oct 17, 2016 @ Vito Mazza Salon & Spa  Woodbridge, NJ
  • DanielRoldan


    Master the art of geometric shapes as Daniel shares his in-depth knowledge and approach on how to design a haircut for each client's face shape, understanding bone structure and the planes of the head. This hands-on class will give you the opportunity to fine-tune your skills to deliver the perfect haircut every time.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Dry haircutting techniques
    • Planes of the head
    • Finger angles
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Apr 18, 2016 @ Gemini Salon & Day Spa  Chelsea, MI
  • DarciBrown

    "SUCCESS NOW" with Darci Brown

    Join Darci for an exciting and interactive program that will dramatically improve your
    business as well as your life, TODAY! Darci will share 6 simple tools to assist you in achieving success, NOW. Darci will also showcase inspirational ideas and techniques to hone your cut, color and finishing skills.

    Things you'll learn:
    • How to live from a SUCCESS mind-set and feel more JOY
    • How to take charge of your business and make more MONEY than ever
    • Key disciplines for EFFICIENT, SUCCESSFUL cut, color and finishing skills
    Dates and locations:
  • DellaGrazia

    "RAZOR'S EDGE" with Franco Della Grazia

    Want to create more texture and movement in hair and expand your knowledge and creativity? Join our razor-cutting expert, Franco Della Grazia, who will guide through basic to advanced razor cutting techniques and explore new ways to create movement and texture. The Razor is a simple tool that provides extraordinary result!.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Razor vs. Scissor
    • How to hold a razor
    • Parts of the razor
    • 3 haircuts
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Sept 26, 2016 @ The Loft Salon   Boston, MA
    • Mon Oct 17, 2016 @ Salon Glo   Valencia, CA
  • GeorgePapanikolas

    "CELEBRITY TO REALITY" with George Papanikolas

    Join George at this hands-on class where he will share his celebrity signature color techniques. Using the French freehand technique called balayage; he creates natural looking, and sun-kissed color that looks, as George says ‘like you spend a summer on the beach, not 3 hours at the salon.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Explore advanced color placement
    • Blonding do's and don'ts
    • Tips on how to avoid brassiness on darker levels
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Apr 18, 2016 @ Salon Glo   Valencia, CA
  • LennyStrand


    This experience is designed to empower you and your salon team to IMAGINE all you can be. Lenny will help you explore different ways to encourage self-development, uplifting you to go from good to great.
    The HEART experience focuses on the skills and exercises to foster integrity and greatness in both your personal and professional life. The HAIR experience focuses on professional skills and creativity.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Working with a clean eye
    • Consultation
    • Envisioning the outcome and translating that into growth
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Sept 26, 2016 @ Andreas Hogue Salon  Northbrook, IL
  • MichaelAlbor


    Join this NAHA “Editorial” category award-winner as he shares tips and techniques on how to dispel the fear of dressing hair for all occasions. Michael will demonstrate how to take classic hairstyles as a foundation to create modern, effortless-looking finishes.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Proper teasing and smoothing techniques
    • Curling methods
    • Knots and braids
    • Chignons and twists
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon May 16, 2016 @ Posh22 Salon & Spa   Coon Rapids, MN
    • Mon Sept 12, 2016 @ Esteem Academy of Beauty   Ogden, UT
  • NicholasFrench

    "BACK TO THE FUTURE" with Nicholas French

    Together with the experience of his late father Nicholas has devised a course that tests the imagination and will light that creative fire that lies within us. Taking the audience on a long historical journey to a new fresh destination which is: "BACK TO THE FUTURE".

    Things you'll learn:
    • Techniques on how to take the past and make them modern
    • How to use core principals and use as foundation to all styles
    • Hands-on use of techniques from award-winning collections
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Nov 7, 2016 @ Gemini Salon & Day Spa   Chelsea, MI
  • RobertSantana


    Want the answer to solve your challenges when taking a brunette to a blonde?
    Come experience this class! You’ll develop your skills as a color correction specialist by working with the color wheel and other principles of color and your
    approach to transformation. Robert will share tips on foiling, perfecting double processing and how to create seasonal toning for all levels of brunettes. Understand how to personalize your toning services to increase your revenue.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Creative Toning
    • Formulation
    • Hands in application on models
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Apr 18, 2016 @ Andreas Hogue Salon   Northbrook, IL
  • SeanHayes


    Want to perfect your skills behind one length cutting, graduation,
    layering, shape, geometry and sectioning? In this hands-on class,
    you'll learn how weight distribution will enhance your clients facial features and bone structure. This approach will take your cutting skills to the next level and inspire you to create signature looks and 'recreate' the trends of today.

    Dates and locations:
    • Mon Apr 25, 2016 @ Esteem Academy of Beauty   Ogden, UT
  • SteveWaldman

    "CUT AND COLOR SYNERGY" with Steve Waldman

    Evolve your skills and techniques in haircutting, dimensional coloring and styling, as well as develop new approaches to design all while inspiring the artistic spirit within you.

    Things you'll learn:
    • How head shape influences cut and color
    • How to maximize raw materials: The texture, density and contributing pigments of hair
    • Lines, shapes, color levels and shades
    • Take two-dimensional, inanimate inspirations and create 3D designs that have energy, movement and life
    Dates and locations:
    • Sun May 2, 2016 @ Vito Mazza Salon & Spa   Woodbridge, NJ
    • Mon Oct 24. 2016 @ Joseph Cozza Salon   San Francisco, CA
  • TarraDean


    Want to achieve the perfect haircut every time? Take your cuts from good to great as Tarra shares how to personalize each haircut for every client. She will share tips from choosing the right tools to learning the latest advanced cutting techniques.

    Things you'll learn:
    • Round and square layering
    • Aerating, twist cutting and surface planing techniques
    • Texturizing techniques
    • How to perfect hairline and cowlick challenges
    • Wet vs dry cutting techniques
    Dates and locations:
    • Mon May 16, 2016 @ The Loft Salon   Boston, MA